6, limited to arrogant professional warrior level 22

7, anodyne professional wizard level 227
Prague Taoist professional fairy level 227
9. Tangjikede Professional Warrior Level 226
1, shrimp professional warrior level 226
Although there are a few people here who are not on the list, they are all in the top 1, especially potato loneliness, which ranks 31, which is already very high.
Chapter 233 Day 1 Tournament Conference
Back to the au province, all the equipment is equipped with a foundation that is top-notch, and Yang Qianqian and Zhou Xiaofu Lin Tianxiae have given a professional weapon called’ Silver Snake’. These two weapons are exploded in the territory of spotted python, which is not bad, just suitable for two female ambassadors.
Both anodyne and potato loneliness are equipped with Zuma suit and bone jade staff. Although these equipment were not only sold to others to kill themselves during the competition, it is better to give them to their own people. Besides, Lin Tianxiao is not bad at this money now.
"Well, everyone is online. When the system is updated, it will be the tournament. I will not leave my hand when I meet you!" Lin Tianxiao laughed and looked at Liu Heng and the goblin.
The two of them are also staring at Lin Tianxiae with high spirits and faintly saying, "We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and finally we can kill it!"
After all, Lin Tianxiao retired from the game and went to the second girls’ room. Needless to say, after an hour, the three people came out just to see Wang Youliang and Bi Yuer eating, so they joined in with a Gherardini look.
"The weather is fine today. Let’s go shopping with us!" Yang Qianqian said, okay, Yang Qianqian said that the three women immediately reached an agreement. Half an hour later, a group of five people and a bodyguard appeared in Tianhao supermarket, which is the largest shopping mall. People are here, and all the spending departments are going out to settle accounts.
One day, when Lin Tianxiao and Wang Youliang were tired, they returned to the villa like two dogs. They directly fell into bed and fell asleep without taking a shower.
The next morning, Lin Tianxiao woke up, wore a game helmet and entered the game. The game has been on for half an hour, and if he doesn’t go in, he may not even sign up.
The first thing Lin Tianxiao did after the line was to sign up and look at his own number. After 1.1 billion, it was just a line. There were dozens of messages in Lin Tianxiao’s mailbox, all of which were Liu Heng and goblins. They sent him to ask him why there was no line yet.
At the same time, I glanced at Wang Youliang’s list of friends, and they all inquired online. They didn’t sign up, but they were supercilious, saying that he didn’t pay attention to waking up and didn’t call them. They almost fell asleep.
After half an hour, the official players of the tournament will be randomly paired into the final venue after five minutes. In addition, after deciding the top 100 players, they can spend money to enter each final venue to watch each game. The price is 1 gold coin.
"There are five words floating in the player’s sky, please get ready to race horses 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"
With the countdown, Lin Tianxiao was sent to a competition venue. He faced a warrior player, but when the player saw Lin Tianxiao, his face showed a weak smile.
"I’m really lucky. I think this exhibition has actually met you!"
Lin Tianxiae stared at this brother named Shen Laibi and smiled. "Come on, brother, it’s just a little higher than you. You see, our equipment is not the same!"
God’s eyes lit up with a pen. "Yes, you and I have the same equipment. I’m afraid of a bird!"
With the unified show of God, he immediately killed Lin Tianxiao with his own weapon. This is a wild warrior’s special weapon for jewelry, some horn rings and big bracelets. Everyone is the same.
And Lin Tianxiao’s hand is a machete that looks like a half moon. Lin Tianxiao clenched the machete for a half moon and blocked it when he wanted to cut himself.
God made a big roar. He felt that he could fight the first man, which was definitely an honor. He started the video function and planned to make a name for himself after the war.
"Half moon machete!"
A stroke of genius once again roared that a brilliance exceeded four squares and cut it to Lin Tianxiao.
Lin Tianxiao easily hid, and at the same time, a talisman shot at the past, and his skill made him lose a hundred blood points.
A stroke of genius surprised me. I didn’t think it was the primary equipment. The attack power was so high that I killed myself a hundred times.
"Attack and kill fencing!"
The ingenious pen shouted again and then rushed to Lin Tianxiao. It was still easy to hide in the past, but the corners of the mouth showed a smile.
"savage collision!"
The savage collision skill of the magical pen was displayed and hit. The goal was to hit the half-moon machete. When the magical pen rushed, Lin Tianxiae crossed the half-moon machete and pointed the knife at the magical pen head.
The ingenious pen was directly killed, but the ingenious pen did not feel sorry, because he learned a trick to break the brutal collision move against Lin Tianxiao.
When the word "a stroke of genius" was spit out, it turned into white light and disappeared. At the same time, Lin Tianxiao heard a unified statement saying that he had won the game. Please prepare for a game.
About five minutes later, Lin Tianxiao was sent to the venue again. This time, he appeared in front of a magician player named Dan Xinmo!
It’s a pity that Dan Xin-mo was well prepared, but he met the first person who was just a few charms, so he sent it out. Lin Tianxiao still won the second game and prepared for the third game!
It’s another five minutes. Lin Tianxie played the third game and the fourth game. It was not until the tenth game that he showed that he was waiting for a game at the end of today’s game. At this time, there were more than billions of players who were brushed away.
It was only two hours after the end of Lin Tianxiao’s competition that the competition department ended today and entered a round. A total of 10 million people will screen out the top 10 thousand in the day.
Lin tianxiae asked a group of people, but it’s okay that everyone has advanced. At least the day can compete for the top 10 thousand places. If you are lucky enough to enter the top 100, you will get money
Just find a place to kill for a while and blame Lin Tianxie. The so-called second day is the second day in reality, and it takes three days in the game.
After eating and sleeping, it’s time for Lin Tianxiao to enter the game again and wait for the game. Today, there are still ten games to be held. It’s still easy for Lin Tianxiao. It’s still a minute or two before every battle is over. It shows that Lin Tianxiao has entered the top 10 thousand. Now you can go to the game and wait for a game.
For four days in a row, Lin Tianxiao directly reached the top 100, which made Lin Tianxiao very surprised. He fought for forty games and didn’t even meet an acquaintance. Even the loneliness of three female potatoes reached the top 100.
And the day is ten days before the competition. Lin Tianxiao intends to train crazily before this. In the four-day game, Lin Tianxiao is training for six days out of twelve days, and the level of small achievements has risen by six levels, with an average of one level a day. Today, Lin Tianxiao intends to raise the level to 29 before the top 100.