After such a situation, Jin Khan himself had to draw out a part of the limited forces to guard against the military confrontation between the butch army and the butch army in Liaodong.

But in this way, your limited forces will become less.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen Tiger and Leopard Army threat theory
When Huang Taiji frowned and thought about how Houjin should deal with the new neighbor of Tiger and Leopard Army.
A scream suddenly sounded outside the hall, and then a warrior who was unable to walk even on horseback for teaching was directly dragged in by two guards.
After seeing the hall looking at Huang Taiji, the tired Jin Tatar quickly tried his best to report: "Khan … emergency military situation … Han Chinese army attacked me from Liaodong …"
"Slave … slave was not killed by the Han army because of hunting outside … but more than twenty thousand people in the slave tribe actually died in the hands of this Han army … please be sure to avenge the slave tribe by Khan …"
When I heard that Huang Taiji came, I frowned, and at this moment, my brow wrinkled even deeper.
A pair of eyes stared at the soldier in front of him and asked, "Are you sure that you were attacked by the Han army and came from Liaodong …"
The soldier with a face of pain affirmed, "I’m sure … one third of the 20,000 Han Chinese troops are cavalry, and they are equipped with a lot of muskets and artillery …"
"In addition to the Han army, his army can’t be equipped with so many muskets …"
"Khan, it is so cruel to help the Han army. Even the old people and children in the tribe will kill everyone … Please be sure to avenge the slave race and kill all the Han people …"
Armed with musket troops and also from Liaodong, the identity of this Han Chinese army is self-evident. Thought of this, Huang Taiji could not help but give out a sigh of emotion full of nai.
"Tiger and leopard army really didn’t expect that they just went in Liaodong to defeat our elite with red and red flags and then took advantage of the fish in troubled waters to invade my late gold …"
"Now it seems that this butch army is destined to be my enemy in life and death ….."
After playing, he directly ordered the Dalai Lama to kneel before him to rest, and called the late Jin etiquette to discuss specific measures to deal with the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Just as Huang Taiji sat in the main hall waiting for the commander and the leader, the news that two tribes were looted by the tiger and leopard army was sent to Huang Taiji one after another.
Huang Taiji relies heavily on the military. Fan Wencheng just walked into the hall and got the battle report from the frontier. After reading it, he directly exclaimed to Huang Taiji regardless of his late minister’s reaction.
"Khan, please tell the slave that a storm of life and death has already blown up. If Khan can’t treat this storm carefully, my future will be forever. Not only that, but the development and accumulation of the future for decades will also fall short."
Fan Wencheng’s voice just fell, and he looked down on the Han people in particular, and the court has been suppressing Fan Wencheng and other Han ministers, which will come out directly like an angry lion.
Huang Taiji stared at Fan Wencheng and scolded, "Fan Wencheng, how dare you talk nonsense about my late Jin Yong? It seems that my late Jin Yong is not only in danger, but also in a period of vigorous development, which is like the cowardly Han court knowing intrigue all day long and there are so many traitors."
"It will be certain that according to this situation, it won’t be long before I can replace the Han court to destroy the Han dynasty and become a god."
The voice just fell a few words. Don’t blame Huang Taiji for attaching so much importance to Fan Wencheng and other generals of Han Dynasty. Just like a bitch, he pointed to Fan Wencheng and cursed to vent his anger.
At this time, not only a few Tatar generals who had problems with Fan Wencheng, but also Khan Huang Taiji expressed a little dissatisfaction with what Fan Wencheng had just said.
Glared at a few generals who had just spoken, Huang Taiji directly asked Fan Wencheng, "Are you too alarmist?"
"As far as I know, it took only 20,000 people to enter Liaodong Butch Army at the very most. This strength can threaten Jin Yong’s early days after Jin Zhengrang."
Fan Wencheng seems to have long realized that Huang Taiji will have such a saying.
Faced with Huang Taiji’s questioning, Fan Wencheng’s face not only did not show the slightest dissatisfaction, but endured the nature and explained that "the Khan slave did not have the slightest alarmism."
"If Khan and the generals don’t believe it, I can listen to the slave to explain it."
"Don’t say, take more than 10,000 tiger and leopard troops who just invaded Jin. In just a few days, this tiger and leopard army has taken our three tribes in a row."
"As far as I know, the warriors of these three tribes add up to less than 20,000 people. If we get these 20,000 warriors together to fight against this tiger and leopard army, even if we can’t escape the end of the army in the end, this tiger and leopard army will definitely pay a very heavy price in the battle after invading me, but the real result is that more than 10,000 tiger and leopard troops wiped out all the three tribes at a very small cost, even the old, weak, women and children of the tribe were spared and all the gold and silver were taken away."
"Do you know why?"
Seeing that everyone, including Huang Taiji, was puzzled, Fan Wencheng did not hesitate to explain that "the reason for sweating is very simple."
"Because we are nomadic warriors in the late Jin Dynasty, this situation gives the Tiger and Leopard Army a chance to break through one by one."
"When we have enough for this tiger and leopard army, the warriors from all over the country will be destroyed by this tiger and leopard army."
"At that time, the entire post-Jin national strength will be affected as never before."
At this time, Huang Taiji’s face finally showed a moving expression.
After taking a deep breath, he asked Fan Wencheng, "Even so, Mr. Fan wants us to send enough soldiers and horses to send troops to destroy this deep-rooted golden tiger leopard army, so the crisis faced by my late gold will not be lifted. Sir, the storm of life and death you mentioned will start with."
Fan Wencheng first nodded, then shook his head, and finally said, "Khan slave just said that it was a beginning for the tiger and leopard army to threaten our late gold."
"It’s still what I just said, because my late Jin belonged to nomadic people’s residence. Even though it has changed, I began to have fixed residences to live together and learn to reclaim wasteland and grow food like the Han people, but these fixed residences did not build walls as big as they did."
"In this case, the occupation of Liaodong Tiger and Leopard Army can attack our late Jin at the right time and place."
"Without the wall defense, the slave will be sure that the warriors will be able to stop the attack of the butch army. You know, the butch armament army is very powerful, otherwise the white flag is more white than the red flag, and it will not be placed in the hands of the butch army."
People who can leave a deep impression on history are by no means just sitting in the hall. Huang Taiji just heard here and understood the meaning of Fan Wencheng’s hidden words.
After taking a deep breath, he asked Fan Wencheng, "Mr. Fan, do you mean to occupy the Liaodong Tiger and Leopard Army and benefit from his own strong firearms forces? After attacking again and again, the gold is like bloodletting, which consumes my potential for the war of the latter by destroying our tribe bit by bit?"
"Great Khan Ying" Fan Wencheng affirmed.
"From now on, even if we occupy the butch army in Liaodong and destroy a medium-sized tribe in one month, 5,000 young people can consume my late gold and 60,000 young people in one year. I want to ask you how many 60,000 young people can consume my late gold and national strength."
"hissing" at this time, a burst of inhalation seemed to be discussed and the hall sounded at the same time.
At the same time, everyone’s eyes on Fan Wencheng have changed from hatred to attention.
When everyone’s faces are showing concern about the future of Houjin, Great Khan Huang Taiji has reacted from the shock and asked Fan Wencheng in a heavy tone
"Fan, now I finally know how big the threat of the Tiger and Leopard Army to my late gold is. In a word, if the Tiger and Leopard Army is in Liaodong, my late gold may face the danger of national subjugation."
"But how can we crush the tiger and leopard army’s plot to lift the 8 Jin Army crisis after I lost to the tiger and leopard army in Liaodong battlefield?"
Huang Taiji stared at Fan Wencheng and answered without thinking, "The horse dispatched heavily to attack Liaodong and drove the butch army out of Liaodong."
See Huang taiji’s face instantly reveal a shocked expression. Fan Wencheng hurriedly explained, "Although the great Khan is the red flag, it has lost the hands of the butch army in Liaodong, but it has also suffered heavy losses. In this case, we will only drive the butch army out of Liaodong before its foothold is unstable, or I will never have a chance to drive the butch army out of Liaodong and lift it. Later Jin will face a national subjugation crisis at any time."
Chapter four hundred Fan Wencheng conspiracy
"To send troops must send troops …" After Fan Wencheng finished, a general looking dignified and strong came out and agreed …
"Khan slave although don’t like the han strategist, but strategist just said these words slave still very much agree with … the latter slave is to spell out this life in the future …"
"To sweat a slave horse back to call the family youth attack liaodong butch army out of liaodong don’t say slave to sweat called ten thousand youth strong or no problem …"
As soon as the voice fell, a minister raised objections, and more than a dozen pairs of eyes stared at him at the same time. He retorted, "Khan slave opposes the horse attacking Liaodong and fighting the tiger and leopard army …"
"But the slave is also very much in favor of the strategist’s statement just now … Tiger and Leopard Army has become the biggest enemy that threatens us. In the future, we must list the latter as our number one enemy …"
Huang taiji is not so easy to fool. After hearing this vague answer, he directly asked: "Are you fooling me by agreeing with the strategist and opposing the horse’s invasion?" If my solution is not your crazy words and phrases … "
Huang taiji’s bright eyes looked at the face of the minister of Tatar origin and showed a difficult expression directly.
So Huang taiji’s slightly angry face became gloomy directly.
At this time, strategist Fan Wencheng broke the dignified atmosphere of the hall very timely.