Liang Ping can also see that Kim Woo Bin has a good impression on him. Just now, he can avoid Liang Ping speaking on condition of anonymity.

However, Liang Ping didn’t care about it. She looked askance at Yang Li in a red veil.
Yang Li lost her hair band when she was in Yunshan, and now her hair is long and thin, and her cheeks are sharp as a sword.
However, Yang Li is thin but as quick as a leopard.
As soon as her figure was displayed, she fell on the stage like a red ribbon.
The thin figure looked lonely on the stage.
However, she accidentally Zhan Yan smiled and looked at Liang Ping and asked, "Liang Ping, I also need a partner. Why don’t you try again?"
Liang Ping listened to this statement and looked at Yang Li with surprise. Seeing that she was serious and seemingly innocent, it seems that she did not have any resentment against Liang Ping because of her original renege.
Liang Pingxin refused to show a hesitation.
Baby Wang unexpectedly smiled and said, "Liang Ping, since Yang Li kindly invited you to perform on the same stage with her."
Liang Pingwen secretly sighed.
It’s really cheating to say that the guest is at home!
Who said this sentence m?
Suddenly some hate this sentence.
However, if the queen speaks in person, Liang Ping’s positive law refuses
This time, instead of putting on the stage, he was hesitant and slow.
When I passed the ink defect table, I saw that the ink defect was full of teasing colors.
This made Liang Ping quite disappointed.
When I was in the Silver Empire, Ink Defect was jealous because he walked with Ink Feather and Xia Hongmei. Then there was a black face because Ann Xiao E came too close.
Many signs show that ink defects care about Liang Ping in my heart.
And she didn’t care more than she hoped Liang Ping would come on stage quickly.
Liang Ping’s heart was a little disappointed. Secretly grinding his teeth was a quick stage. The big hand naturally fell on Yang Li’s skinny waist.
Yang Li also pressed her body against Liang Ping’s chest, and her right index finger gently landed on Liang Ping’s thick lips.
Yang Li’s lips and teeth are fragrant, and she gently hissed to ask Liang Ping to keep quiet.
Liang Ping was shocked and regretted that Taiwan wanted to escape from Yang Li.
However, this dance music starts.
It’s still ballroom dance, but this time the rhythm is slow, just like the feeling of lovers who are eager to stop and can’t throb at the beginning of love.
Eye-catching neon lights shine on two people.
Each other’s faces glowed.
Yang Li’s left hand also firmly grasped Liang Ping’s shoulder and secretly released just the right pressure to make Liang Pingfa escape easily.
"What do you want?"
Liang Ping’s knife-shaped eyebrows asked coldly and carefully cooperated with Yang Li’s soft and beautiful dance steps.
Yang Li’s face finally blinked with a charming smile and said softly, "Liang Ping, we finally had such a close contact opportunity. Don’t be so cold. Remember the blessing of acacia jade carving?"
Liang Ping didn’t expect Yang Li to know how to act like a spoiled brat, and she still remembers the thing of lovesickness jade carving, that is, she laughed coldly. "It is impossible for you to take that kind of thing seriously."
Yang Liwen laughed, "I knew you were because of that woman, right?"
Although Yang Li doesn’t call her by her first name, Liang Ping knows that what she refers to is an ink defect.
So he also firmly said, "Since you are white, you’d better give up your thoughts."
Yang Li’s face was temporarily sad, and she hung her head as if she were crying secretly.
Liang Ping saw my heart and couldn’t help feeling distressed.
But if he can’t promise the other party, it is most appropriate to refrigerate it naturally.
Turn a blind eye and turn your eyes to Taiwan’s ink defects
Accidentally seeing the long face of ink defect is like pulling Liang Ping from the stage and frying him alive.