Li Yuhan is very scheming. He came here to ask for this purpose. He wants to see the chip of Gong Sunqi. He wants to see what the mysterious power that has been bothering him. Now he sees it, which surprises Li Yuhan even more. He can’t catch the fluctuation of power, but he can feel it, but he can catch it.

"But my requirement is that you go to high school in the same school as me and Li Lu, and at the same time join my high school to form a team to hunt animals. He is very free."
"Let me think about it and give you an answer one day."
"No problem. I’ll wait for your reply at this time and this place. Bye-bye." Li Yuhan stopped when he left the rooftop. "You be careful. Li Jianhao feels that he will move these days. You be careful."
"Thanks a lot, I’ll be careful." Gong Sunqi watched Li Yuhan leave with his head down. "It’s time for Li Jianhao to calculate the accounts after the senior high school entrance examination."
Just when Gong Sunqi was thinking, he came to his mind to show that’ you have something new to accept’. Lying on the rooftop consciousness entered the ninja system and looked at the bar.
Time-limited’ Revenge of the Dead Gongsun Qi and Rest of the Dead Gongsun Qi’ Five-day period Three-day overfulfilled reward random blood following the limit A five-day completion reward ninja coin a five-day completion reward without reward a random ninja level 1.
"It takes three days to complete a random blood-following clearance, which doesn’t pit me. Random blood-following clearance." What if Gong Sunqi cursed the pit dad and randomly arrived at the bloodless clearance?
"Let’s go and see how many points are needed over there after the blood limit."
For more than a month, Gong Sunqi has never been to the blood boundary again. This time, if it is not unified, it is estimated that Gong Sunqi will wait until later.
Looking at the jars, the size of each jar is bloody and frightening, and the pungent smell of blood makes GongSunQi cover her nose.
Squatting down, I saw a seal on the altar body and a few big words written on the seal’ Fifty thousand points required’
"I rely on 50,000 points. This is not to kill the rhythm." After forbearance, Sun Qiyou read the bar and counted the single digits every time. If you want to raise this 50,000 points, you don’t know that it will take years.
"Look at it again. The altar may have a lower blood limit." Gong Sunqi thought about randomly selecting several altars and seeing one.
The more you look at Gong Sunqi’s face, the blacker it gets. "This is ten thousand, and this hundred thousand, this fifteen hundred and twenty thousand Nima Yo, and that fifty thousand is the lowest."
Going back to the bar, Gong Sunqi felt that his heart was dripping blood. He didn’t know whether to finish this before. This random blood clearance is very risky. When he came back from just there, Gong Sunqi got a general idea that the price of blood clearance is similar to that of sharingan. The blood clearance must be the highest and the lowest. I don’t know what it is. If this random blood is drawn to the lowest, wouldn’t it be to lose heart?
Chapter 13 Sell yourself
"Thank you, young man. This is grandma making cakes. Have some and then go home." A grandmother is holding freshly baked cakes in her hand.
Gong Sunqi stopped his work, got up and took off his gloves, and came to grandma’s side to help her take the freshly baked cake and put it on the table, saying, "Grandma, I am a volunteer. This is what I should do."
Gong Sunqi still remembers that the first one he received just a few days ago was to help the old woman in front of him find her a dog, which made him familiar with this old woman.
For two or three days in a row, one or two people will appear on the bar every day to help others. It is because of the proximity to Gong Sunqi that these people are picked up, and these are actually helping the same person, that is, the grandmother in front of them.
Gong Sunqi didn’t release the rules on this column, so he took them all in his heart and slowly finished them one by one. Those animals that needed to be killed were thrown aside by Gong Sunqi and ignored them.
"Grandma, this cake is so delicious that it catches up with those professional pastry chefs." Gong Sunqi is eating a cake in his mouth and holding another cake in his hand.
Grandma giggled. "Look, do you think grandma’s cakes are really that delicious?"
Gong Sunqi kept nodding, "Yes, this is the best cake I have ever eaten." He added in his heart that it is the best cake I have ever eaten since I came to this world.
"If you like to eat more, you can’t take all the leftovers with you. Grandma can’t eat that much alone." The old grandmother smiled from ear to ear
"Thank you, grandma." After eating one, Sun Qi said, "Then I’ll pull up the leftover grass before I go back."
When Gong Sunqi pulled the grass, Grandma had packed all the leftover cakes together. "It’s also very late. Do you want to stay for dinner before you go?"
After watching the sunset, GongSunQi shook his head and said, "No, I should go back. Thank you, grandma."
"Wait", grandma stopped GongSunQi and gave GongSunQi the cakes "to take back".
"then I’m welcome. thank you, grandma." gongsunqi didn’t say goodbye to grandma with a bag and left.
Grandmother looked at the back of GongSunQi after GongSunQi left and said to herself, "If my grandson were still alive, he should be as big as you." Tears unconsciously flowed from the corner of the old grandmother’s eye.
I came home with cakes. "It seems that I still haven’t come back. It’s almost two months since I came back. If I don’t come back, I will take the senior high school entrance examination and agreed to celebrate with me."
Gong Sunqi was a little depressed. He put the cake on the table and suddenly saw that there was an extra letter on the table. He picked up the letter and read "Give it to me?"
After reading this letter, Gong Sunqi was in tears. He imagined that a father would do so many things, even if it was his life.
Suddenly GongSunQi mind recall the last time I saw GongSunScene at that time he noticed GongSunWu wear the belly from time to time "belly here? !”
When Gong Sunqi felt his belly and touched the position of his belly, a bold idea exploded in his head. "He, he went to sell his kidney!" "
Wipe away tears and read the letter again "hard!" " This moment is like a bolt from the blue. The residual emotion of the original owner of Sun Qi’s body broke out at this moment. It was not until now that he found out that his father was so lost that he regretted it.
Gong Sunqi thought of a possibility. Gong Sunqi sold himself and all the organs he could sell. A kind of mood pressed Gong Sunqi to make him breathless and wanted to explode.
"Ah ~ ~ ~"
Holding a letter in his hand, Gong Sunqi roared in the sky, and chakra frantically operated the original closed meridians. At this moment, it seemed as if a strange force, such as stormy waves, emerged, which did not belong to magic power or power power. This force did not belong to chakra but could be combined with chakra.
After this kind of power merged with chakra, Gong Sunqi felt as if he had entered a wonderful realm. His eyes were shining with light blue light, and his pupils changed from pearl black to star blue with a little white.
Ding Congratulations to the host for awakening the blood vessels, which can unify the ninja blood vessels and merge with each other to achieve the renewal of blood vessels’
I don’t know how long it will be before GongSunQi comes to his senses, and the surrounding area is already in ruins. Where is home? Even the letter in his hand is torn to the point of his palm.
Look at the words’ Mom and Dad will celebrate with you in another place’ at the end of the hand.
That night, the room was gone, and Sun Qi had just awakened to the mysterious power and collapsed in the ruins. When he woke up, it was time for the sun to rise.
Lying in the ruins, Gong Sunqi just opened his eyes and saw that he was dragging only the letter, the last thing that Gong Sunqi left him. Tears came out again. He imagined that Gong Sunqi would do this. Everything that Gong Sunqi did turned into a warm current.
This letter is the last one left by Sun, which is also very meaningful. It must be kept, but he can keep it. No matter where it is put, the paper will rot or disappear. The only way is whether it can be put into the system.
"Come out, everyone. I want to put this paper in the system."
After Gong Sunqi put the paper into the system, the awakening power emerged again last night. His eyes Kurome turned into starlight again, and the starlight was full of light blue.
This sudden power made Gong Sunqi feel at a loss. When he woke up this power last night, Gong Sunqi didn’t know it. Now this power has come to him again, and he seems at a loss.
"What is this? What is this?"
With the awakening of mysterious forces, something buried deep in the ruins seems to have sensed the owner’s breath’ whew’. As soon as a cold light flashing thin knife flies out, it floats in front of GongSunQi. GongSunQi can see the red light around the thin knife.
"Red wu this this is red wu! !” Red Wu instantly enters the ninja backpack of Gongsunqi ninja lying quietly.
Chapter 14 Awakening New Forces
Gong Sunqiping meditated and carefully felt the mysterious power emerging from the body. "This power is so magical that it is combined with my chakra, and what is this flow around me and this."
Gong Sunqi stretched out his finger and touched the light blue flowing liquid in the field of vision. When touching it, the liquid was very spiritual and wrapped around Gong Sunqi’s hands as if to please him. Gong Sunqi consciously pulled his finger back, and the liquid was scattered to form a lot of liquid, just like water droplets were splashed to the ground.
Looking at the hand that just touched the liquid, Gong Sunqi saw his fingers wet and wondered, "Is this water?"
In order to verify whether it was water, Gong Sunqi touched the liquid again, and this time the liquid was wrapped for a long time before it was pulled away. "This is water. I can see water?" Is this magic? "
If you think about it carefully, you will find it wrong. "No, I have heard Li Yuhan talk about magic knowledge, and Li Lu, like Li Yuhan, is a water magician. Li Yuhan’s knowledge of water magic is different from this."
"I’ll try again." Gong Sunqi failed to manipulate the flowing liquid with his fingers for the first time and failed for the second time. Every time, the liquid actively wrapped Gong Sunqi’s fingers and did not give him a chance to manipulate them. It was like a baby sticking to his parents. Gong Sunqi had a feeling of not wanting to leave Gong Sunqi.
After many attempts, Gong Sunqi finally mastered the secret of controlling these flowing waters, and mobilized the body. Only by combining chakra and mysterious power can the water flow be controlled, otherwise it will stick to Gong Sunqi and don’t want to leave him.
Gong Sunqi put the remaining letters in his pocket, patted the dust on his body, and his hands quickly printed "Water-dodging and Water-dragon-playing"
After the printing, GongSunQi stupidly didn’t appear for a long time, which made GongSunQi feel very strange. "What’s wrong with it?"
Looking at his hands once again, he saw that the shadow on the ground was getting bigger and bigger, and something seemed to appear behind him to block the light behind him.