The light disappears, the goblin and others immediately fill up the blood volume and recede behind them. Lin Tianxie is also quickly leaving this altar. Just after Lin Tianxie’s five people left, they immediately issued a Luo Da Luo Da sound like a machine.

However, the goblins and others didn’t notice that the altar was responding. Just before Lin Tianxiao wanted to see it, a light curtain came out of the altar and went straight to the roof. If Lin Tianxiao and others could be outside the Woma Temple at this time, they would definitely see this light curtain going straight to the sky.
As far away as the East, the demon Lord was drinking in the palace. When a singer poured wine for the demon, the demon suddenly got up and stared at the west, and the table glass was knocked over. The singer immediately knelt down in horror and begged for mercy. The generals immediately drew out their swords and tried to kill the singer.
At this time, the fiend said lightly, "Come on, let them all retire regardless of her business!"
"Yes!" The general should follow the way and kick Geji in the mouth and scold, "Get out of here!" A group of singers immediately withdrew from the palace. At this time, the general asked the fiend, "What happened to your majesty?"
"Wal-Mart leader Clark woke up, but …" The fiend stopped in the middle and frowned. "Is King Clark awake?" The general asked with a frightened look.
In the game of return engagement, there is not a breakthrough update in those scenes that everyone thinks, and this demon king is one of them. In addition, there are several big leaders who each control one side: Clark, the leader of the Western Woma, the leader of the Oriental Zuma, Traus, the leader of the northern yellow land, O’ Neill, and Austin, the leader of the southern cattle demon.
These four leaders are second only to those. At the beginning, those four leaders were sealed by the Great God for thousands of years during the war, but they left a trace of vitality. For example, the leader Zuma left two places at once.
And every hierarch was sealed and the altar left a spell that could be unsealed, but the’ Great God’ stipulated that only an outsider could lift the seal, and this outsider, as the name suggests, was a player like Lin Tianxiao and others.
"Demons, what are you afraid of? Your strength is not with them. Besides, if you absorb the strength of one of them, you can surpass them alone. You don’t need to worry about anything, but now I will arrange one for you." The fiend said to the demon general.
The demon general immediately knelt down and said, "What’s the king in charge?"
O corners of the mouth peep out one silk smile and said to the devil, "Demon, at present, the Woma hierarch has sent out two places at once. No, you have several children who must be trying to kill the Woma hierarch, but I’m afraid it’s hard for them to go to the key to help them at all times."
The demon general looked up on his knees and said, "What should help mankind?"
O still kept that smile and nodded his head as if he knew that the demon generals would ask, "Woma Leader intends to make himself busy and gather strength, and then break his seal at one stroke to make himself reappear. We must destroy his plan and …"
Thousands of miles away, the demon general stopped at the Woma Temple. The demon general stared at the foot of the Woma Temple and murmured, "I didn’t expect the fiend’s adult to see a little human interest. I want to see that little talent and ability." Then the demon general disappeared in the Woma Temple in a flash.
At the same time, the same thing happened in a resplendent palace. This powerful general came to the hall of the leader of the Woma Temple. When the devil entered the hall, the whirlwind was already waiting here. When he felt an evil smell, the whirlwind rang in the devil’s ear.
"It turned out to be the devil brothers. Long time no see!"
"whirlwind!" As soon as the devil exclaimed, he recovered his calm. "What brings the whirlwind brothers here?"
"Hey hey, I should ask you this sentence. It seems that I have been here for a long time!" Cyclone laughed
"Don’t you also come …"
"Yufeng, it’s not something that we people can talk about. Since we all have the same eyes, why don’t we look at it first?"
"All right!" So depending on the sworn enemy, two people are so quiet and invisible in half-staring at a dozen human beings.
It is said that when Lin Tianxiae and others saw the light curtain appear, they immediately became alert. After a few seconds, they roared into the ears of everyone, followed by a tauren with wings and green hair. They appeared in front of themselves and others and followed the ears of everyone and heard, "Did you lift my seal?"
Lin Tianxiao and others eyebrows a wrinkly didn’t expect this big guy to talk. Follow Lin Tianxiao and others to check the Woma hierarch attribute in front of him.
Woma leader (immortal low-ranking boss)
Grade? ? ?
Blood volume? ? ?
Attack? ? ?
Speed? ? ?
Introduction? ? ?
Madeleine doesn’t even have an introduction. Everyone is dark and scolding me.
"Haha, I didn’t expect Clark to see the light of day again. I, Clark, are back!" The leader of Woma laughed and shouted and followed Lin Tianxiao and others. "Since you rescued me, I will give you a chance to be loyal to me, otherwise …"
The meaning of leader Woma is self-evident. If you don’t serve yourself, you will all die.
Lin tianxiae and others immediately gave me a smile and looked at each other. What did the immortal boss and others play games with? Isn’t that it? kill boss, make money, pick up girls and fart Now the money is in front of you, telling yourself and others to let go? Suo Lin Tianxiao and others promptly grabbed the guy and got to work.
Lin Tianxiae shouted "Holy Armor!"
Immediately, a greatly defensive word appeared in front of everyone, and finally it turned into a rain of light and wrapped them all, followed by several cures. Finally, with a wave of his hand, he threw a green poison and a red poison at the leader of Wal-Mart, and the body of Wal-Mart instantly turned green and red.
The leader of Woma stared at his body and immediately roared, "I hate Xianshi again. You will die today!" Woma hierarch roars a pair of hands and immediately sends out a mass of light towards Lin Tian to kill evil.
Lin Tianxiao was stunned. Didn’t he just throw two poisons at this leader named Clark Wal-Mart? Why don’t you hate yourself so much and kill him soon?
At this time, Lin Tianxie immediately heard a big roar "barbaric collision!"
Boom a Woma hierarch body shook for a while, but it didn’t fly. It turned out that Bi Yuer put on a brutal collision and rescued Lin Tianxiao.
"Fire wall, fire wall, fire wall!" The goblin immediately laid three fire walls in front of everyone, and immediately the flames burst into flames. Then the goblin roared again, "Thunder!"
Lin Tianxie is not a little Amon. A soul fire charm flew to the head of the leader of Woma. "Ya let you sneak up on the old man just now!"
The leader of Woma growled, "Carving insects!"
Immediately, Lei Guang’s hands were thrown out and directly hit the soul fire operator and the thunderbolt on the top of his head. Lin Tianxie and the goblin cast spells and were defeated by the Woma leader
"How is that possible?"
Lin Tianxiao and the goblin shouted at the same time, this is the first time in history that they have cast spells and been interrupted by monsters. If they are players, it is also called, but their opponents are monsters, although they are boss.