"What? This person is Master Liu? "

"Damn it, what did I just say? Long live Master Liu!"
"It turned out that Master Liu came to my God!"
"I must be dreaming!"
Qiu Dong threw out this wave of bombs, which also blew many people to death.
It’s terrible. The news.
In the high-level circle of Nanling City, if you don’t know Master Liu, you will say that you are deaf.
However, although many people have heard of Liu Yu, that doesn’t mean they have seen Liu Yu.
Now, if you don’t hurry to worship when you hear that Master Liu has arrived, why don’t you wait for a fart?
Qiu Yang’s face came out when he saw the effect. If you want to worship and pretend, you will continue to spray.
I can invite Master Liu to come out and fight for you. It’s all your generation who burn high incense.
"Then who will polish your titanium dog later? It will be wonderful to see it clearly."
Had said Qiu Dong microphone is thrown aside.
I’ll just sit quietly and watch you die
Although the middle-aged man across the street was very angry, he also lost the microphone and sat down.
He has just arrived in Nanling city for a few days and has also heard of Master Liu’s fame, but it all goes in one ear and out the other, which actually leads to the spirit of this Nanling city. He is a little sore.
"Come to someone"
Immediately, a man hurried up to "Manager Xiao"
"Give you ten minutes to check the identity of Master Liu for me."
Taiwan that GuTai master eyebrows a cu.
From a proud to an enemy, "Young man, are you Master Liu?"
"I heard that Master Liu of Nanling City is very young, but I didn’t think that you were so young. Your name is Liu Yu? Well, I respect your opponent. "
"Then what?"
Liu Yu’s fists and chest are very calm
"Ha ha … I will try my best to kill you myself!"
Romeo got up like a beast and was full of violent murderous look.
It’s strange that Liu Yu looks at each other’s ferocity, ferocity and impurity, but in that case, are you really steel? Can withstand so much brutality?
This Romeo is really a little thin.
The word skinny suits him. It’s normal for him to live beyond forty.
"Oh, then come."
Liu Yu’s whole body was brisk with a stroke.
The audience was shocked.
I heard that Master Liu’s means were transcendent, and now it’s true.
"I declare that I have signed a life-and-death contract, and I will not seek revenge no matter which party dies or is permanently disabled."
The referee said coldly
This life and death contract generally has no legal effect, but everyone in the fighters circle consciously abides by it.
With a fall
Master Gu Tai made the first move.
As described in the data, once the war is started, it will be preemptive.
In Liu Yu’s eyes, the opponent’s speed is very fast, and his posture is as blurred as a rabbit. Then there are those sharp fists like spears. Many experts have poured these explosive fists in the past.
"I’m so close to going, isn’t Master Liu going to do it?"
The audience was blindsided.
Many of them have seen this ancient Thai master play, and almost every opponent was sent with a punch, which shows how earth the explosive power of that fist is.
And now Liu Yu is still?
Where is Qiu Dong laughing? He is convinced that Liu Yu is awesome. There is no unnecessary worry.
Taiwan’s master Gu Tai smashed Liu Yu’s heart with one punch.
Some women screamed.
But the blood didn’t appear.
Liu Yu still didn’t move. He punched me like it was nothing. He didn’t move a step!
"You … how come! !”
Romeo’s heart swelled with horror.
He did his best in this move, even the elephant could fly several meters away.
And now you can’t get up? He just felt a little pain in his arm when he hit a mountain with that punch.
"wonderful! ! !”
Someone exclaimed.
Not the kui is a master Liu Niu!
See Liu Yu cracked the corner of his mouth. "I also respect you for seeing you off with one punch."
As soon as the voice fell, Romeo felt a strong omen of death.
He wants to retreat!
Retreat at the fastest speed
However, Liu Yu naturally won’t give him this opportunity. He leaned out with one hand and quickly buckled the throat of the ancient Thai master in many shocking eyes.
"Lock the throat and lie in the trough. That’s lock the throat!"