"Playing the ghost?" Wind giant face a heavy anger way "Chu Gong you don’t respect too much in, although it’s not an aboveboard person, but it’s definitely not that kind of rat."

Chu Yun smell speech smile apologetically at once "actually, I didn’t mean that. I was wondering if the ghost dresser was really from Liu Mansion."
"What Liu Mansion is still alive?"
Feng Giant looked extremely shocked, but after the shock, he smiled slightly and asked eagerly, "Who is that monkey? She is now."
Chu Yun didn’t know the real identity of the man, that is, she said with a smile, "She claimed to be a concubine outside Liu to avenge Liu."
Wind giant meditation is not a word angrily left the green Luo Zhuang.
They looked at him puzzled from the back.
Mushroom male suddenly surprised, "It seems that it’s really not what Feng Ju did, but what he did today."
"I think it’s because of the money. Now he knows that Liu Mansion is still alive. He must have gone to cross-examine the money."
Chu Yun look calm after the wind giant left.
Mushroom Gong was puzzled and asked, "Is Feng Ju really rich? He was honored when he died. What does he need so much money for?"
"Because he also wants to be a man."
"Is this really the case?" Mushroom is still unbelievable.
What’s even more surprising is that Feng Ju has left now, and Qing Luo Zhuang has also left.
Chu Yun also thought of this, that is, he eagerly approached his father and respectfully shouted, "Father and child are back."
Repeatedly shouted several times, but his father didn’t respond at all.
Guard Xiaoyu is also a face of surprise.
"It doesn’t make sense. The landlord usually sleeps with a slight change and wakes up immediately. What’s going on today?"
They dare not touch the owner’s body or show respect.
However, Liang Ping suddenly noticed that ordinary people’s sleeping breasts will definitely fluctuate due to breathing. The body of the landlord is as motionless as a dead body, which is a light way. "Stop shouting, I’m afraid he’s dead."
Chu Yun smell speech a face of angry stare at Liang Pingdao "be careful what you say in your novels. How can my father die when he is in his prime?"
"Ha ha, do you believe it or not?"
Liang Ping ignored it and just found a sofa to sit on.
Chu Yun was a little calm and stretched out his hand to test a landlord’s breath. Suddenly his hands trembled and his face sank and he choked.
Sure enough, what was the cause of death of the landlord, but it seems that he didn’t kill him with a serene face.
Liang Ping ruled out the possibility of being killed by the wind giant in his heart.
However, Chu Yun suddenly got angry and stood up with resentment and shouted, "I am at odds with you!"
"I will let you die at my hands sooner or later!"
Seeing Chu Yun like this, Xiaoyu also frowned and blamed himself. "Little Lord, I’m sorry, it’s all our fault. We didn’t find that Feng Giant had come in here."
Chu Yun smell speech is also a wide face. "Xiaoyu, you don’t blame yourself for this matter. The wind giant has always been elusive with you. I can’t blame you if you didn’t notice it."
After saying his word, I didn’t know when Chu Yun had a dagger in his hand.
Cold so inserted into Xiaoyu’s chest
Xiaoyu didn’t respond when he heard "Ka" and disappeared into this world.
At the same time, Chu Yun inserted the same dagger into his father’s chest.
Another crisp sound started, and the body of the owner of the villa was also cleaned up automatically.
At this time, Chu Yun’s eyes were full of tears and his eyes were bloodshot. He gritted his teeth and patted the shoulder of the mad dragon. "This place should not stay long. We must leave here as soon as possible."
The raptor nodded heavily during his lifetime and said, "Listen to the master’s arrangement."
Liang Ping was surprised to see all this. Mushrooms and ink defects were also a face of shock.
"Don’t hesitate, everyone. Come with me."
Chu Yun’s sudden convergence of tears is that he left the main room side by side with the dragon.
Liang Ping and the three of them followed closely.
"Green Luo Zhuang is in great trouble."
Such words still ring in every one of them.
Chu Yun looked flustered and strode out of Qingyun Village. The guards were all shocked.
"Little master, why did you leave so soon?"
A guard asked with a bow and a face to please.
Chu Yun is some impatient glanced at the man coldly waved and said, "it’s none of your business."
The man who flatters the wrong person is despondent.
At the same time, the smell of emptiness exploded.
The whole green Luo Zhuang vibrates.
"It’s come true so soon. We have to go to the cashier’s office as soon as possible to get the money and then we’ll leave."
After saying his word, he asked a female voice to break.
"Ha, ha, ha, if you want to take money, take your life first."
At the same time, a white sword wave hit the facade of Chu Yun in vain.
Chapter seventy The magician Aaron
The cold sword wind drove Chu Yun back again and again.
At this moment, the dragon is alive and the sword has been drawn.
"shua shua shua"
Abruptly waved a white sword curtain and directly greeted the cold-struck white sword, the wave sword, and the arrogant dragon was alive, so it was easy to pick up the shock wave damage from the other side with the sword in his hand.
In an instant, the other party’s firm but gentle spirit vanished.
"pa pa"
The man clapped his hands in the dark.
"What a dragon! What a sword! Although your swordsmanship is rough, your double-hanging power can’t be underestimated. The essence of swordsmen’s martial arts is fast and accurate, and you have played it to the fullest."
The man’s voice dropped slightly and he saw him coming in a suit and tie.
Id shows the magician; Allen saw this id Liang Ping’s heart was shocked. What is the occupation of a magician?